Vendor Information

Everyone will find something they love at the Opa Locka Indoor Flea Market.

Interested in becoming a Vendor?

Here’s what we need:

⦁ Copy of ID
⦁ Copy of lease(we will provide you with a copy)
⦁ Bank Statements for the last 6 months
⦁ Certificate of Occupancy
⦁ How much space you are looking to lease
⦁ Current photo of storefront
⦁ Deposit to secure your spot (Cash, cashier’s check, zelle, or money orders are accepted. This deposit is 100% refundable)

Once you are ready, email; and make an appointment to reserve your retail space.

Online Payment & Rental Reservation

Check out our Career Center with United Flea Markets for job openings and to apply.

Vendor rules and regulations

⦁ The Rental Office weekday hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and  Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Weekend hours are Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm
⦁ No merchandise, prepared food items or cold drinks of any kind may be sold without prior written approval from the Flea Market Management.
⦁ You must clean your space completely at closing time. Trash and boxes must be removed by vendors.
⦁ Alternation of vendor booths must be approved by Flea Market Management.
⦁ Repairs, stocking, and improvements can be made every evening until 6 pm.
⦁ Merchandise, tables, and equipment must be kept within space lines during daylight hours. After 6 pm every evening, items must be inside the vendor’s space.
⦁ Sound producing Items will be kept at a reasonable level so as not to disturb others. No public address systems will be used by vendors.
⦁ No electrical extension cords are permitted. Your electrical service will be stopped if you use or permit electrical extension cords to be used by other vendors.
⦁ Vendor agrees to be responsible for any and all injuries or damages to the public.
⦁ No alcoholic beverages of any kind are to be sold without State of Florida approval and Flea Market prior written approval.
⦁ Vendors shall remain in their assigned space. No moving from space to space.
⦁ Abusive behavior towards other vendors, customers, or Flea Market employees can result in non-renewal of your space or spaces.
⦁ The manufacture, distribution, or sale of counterfeit products is prohibited. 

Vendors must obtain and display proper licensing:

⦁ State of Florida Department of Revenue Sales Use Tax Certificate is required and must be displayed in a prominent place. 
⦁ City of Opa-Locka Occupational License if required.
⦁ Dade County Occupational License is required and must be displayed in a prominent place. 

⦁ All vendors must post a return item policy sign displaying exchange only, or no cash refund, or all sales final. Failure to post such a sign, will result in your refunding all money for goods that are being returned by the customer. Size of sign is 8½ x 11. Color of sign is yellow. Color of lettering is black.